Our no-hassle return policy

If for any reason a Wren product doesn't meet your expectations, send it back within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund. We'll even cover your return shipping charges.
  • To return a Wren speaker, please recover it with the protective white cloth and carefully repack it in the original black and white box.
  • Please don’t forget to include all the parts and accessories from the original shipment (i.e., power supply, remote control, cables and connectors).
  • Place the black and white box inside the original outer brown cardboard shipping box. Seal carefully with packing tape.
  • Remove the prepaid return shipping label from the envelope marked “Important Documents Enclosed” that came attached to the outside of the original shipping box.
  • Peel the protective layer from the back of the return shipping label and place it on the long top or side panel of the shipping box, making certain that it is fully attached.
  • Take the entire package to any UPS shipping facility for return to Wren. Make certain you save the receipt with the proof of shipment and the tracking number.
  • Pleased allow 10 business days for a credit to appear on the account used for your purchase.